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Quality equipment, well maintained, can provide a lifetime of service. Keeping your mower and power tools in top condition makes sound economic sense and helps ensure they're ready to run whenever you need them.

We know that your machinery is often a costly investment, and it’s worth keeping it in optimal shape. This will save you money in the long run. The longer the gap between services, the higher the likelihood that you’ll end up needing expensive repairs. Regular servicing helps prevent this and means you can work when you want to.

Unmaintained and faulty equipment can lead to issues like

  • Unnecesary downtime
  • Expensive part replacements
  • Costly repair bills
  • Reduced productivity

We stock a large range of popular replacement parts and can service all types of garden machinery, from domestic to commercial. Our new workshop and showroom on the Jurby industrial estate is easy to find, so call or visit us for honest advice and expert service, and let us help keep you running.